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Together we promote health

What is collaborating with the i+12?

  • Contribute to the advancement of scientific knowledge and its application to improve the health of the population.
  • Help develop new diagnostics and treatments that result in the improvement of clinical practice.
  • Participate in the formation of new biomedical professionals, encouraging the generation of new skills and competencies.

How can I collaborate with the i+12?

Your contribution to the development of biomedical research in the Institute i+12 can formalize in 2 ways:


Anonymous donation

1. How much? Donations will be accepted up to a maximum of 100 EUROS of amount.

2. How?

   a. Making an entry in the account of the Foundation for the research in biomedicine Hospital 12 de Octubre, with number: ES622038 1844526000255710.

   b. With the concept: “anonymous donation”.

   c. If you wish, you can indicate the subject area or line of work which want funds are intended. We invite you to visit the “Research” section for more information.

Donation ID (person or entity) certificate of donation tax deductible fiscally

1. How much? Donations in any amount.

2. How?

a. Communicate your interest to the Foundation for the biomedical research of the Hospital 12 de Octubre via the following email address:

b. From the Foundation, we will send you an application form of donation, which you will have to send us after filling it.

c. Make income to the Foundation account number: ES622038 1844526000255710.

d. The concept must indicate: “grants [full name]“.

e. Within 20 days you will receive a certificate of donation, which will serve as a document for the tax breaks, from which you can benefit.

Legal information

The Foundation is included within the entities non-profits who enjoy tax incentives for private participation in activities of general interest regulated in the law 49/2002, of 23 December, Fiscal regime non-profit institutions Profit and tax incentives to sponsorship.