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It is a pleasure to greet you from the new website of the Research Institute Hospital 12 de Octubre (i+12). In the i+12 Institute we are firmly committed to the development of research and innovation activities of the highest quality, with the aim of achieving the greatest and fastest transfer of the results obtained to clinical practice, helping to improve the health status of our patients.

In this sense, the new website of the i+12 Institute was born with the purpose of becoming the main tool for disseminating information and communication between the Institute itself and the rest of the groups involved: society, the scientific community, the health system and the economic system. Our hope is that thanks to this web page an optimal diffusion of the results obtained by the i+12 Institute will be made, as well as being able to identify all the needs and concerns of our internal and external clients.

The field of health research is a field of knowledge where we detect the need to work cooperatively, joining efforts to achieve common goals. More and more institutions have identified health as one of the main needs demanded by society as a whole and, in this way, they are initiating activities in this field.

Therefore, we must assume the responsibility of implementing all the initiatives that are in our hands to ensure that we make the most of our resources, and that the entire scientific community is moving along the same path, which is none other than solving the problems of health and the improvement of the quality of life of society. In this context, we present this website as our main tool for the dissemination of results and the detection of synergies, so that it becomes the starting point for the development of joint initiatives in health research.

PhD. Joaquín Arenas Barbero
Scientific Director of the i+12 Institute