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Flow Cytometry Unit

The Research Institute of the Hospital Universitario 12 de Octubre enjoys the support of the Flow Cytometry Unit based in the “Research Centre” building of said hospital. Dr. Gabriel Criado Carrasco is responsible for managing the high-tech equipment present in the Unit.

As the Unit’s Manager, he is responsible for the following tasks:

  • Defining the general rules for the use of the different high-tech equipment featured at the unit in order to achieve a considerable improvement in their performance and use.
  • Counseling the different research groups in the development, commissioning and analysis of new protocols for the different equipment.
  • Specific training of new users.


Flow cytometry allows for conducting simultaneous measurements of multiple optical characteristics of each of the particles or cells contained in a suspension. These measurements are performed on each individual particle based on the amount of light dispersed and the fluorescence emitted by the particles radiated by a source of light. Thus, flow cytometry is a fast, sensitive and semi-quantitative system used to simultaneously characterize the different parameters of a single cell contained in a cell suspension.


The Flow Cytometry Unit enables the researchers of the i+12 Institute to implement the following techniques and methodologies:

  • Analysis of heterogeneous cell populations.
  • Immunophenotyping assays.
  • Analysis of the cell cycle, apoptosis mechanisms and cell viability.
  • Analysis of the efficacy of transfections and transductions.
  • Analysis of intracellular signaling pathways.


To apply these techniques and methodologies, the Flow Cytometry Unit of the i+12 Institute features the following high-tech equipment:

  • FACSCalibur Flow Cytometry (Becton Dickinson).

The use of this equipment is managed through the Schemas application whereby the equipment of the i+12 Institute is reserved.


  • Cytometer Manager: Dr. Gabriel Criado Carrasco