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Genomics Unit

The Genomics Unit of the Research Institute of the Hospital Universitario 12 de Octubre (i+12) features two laboratories based in the Research Center and the Outpatient Services Unit (sixth Plant) of said hospital. Its main purpose is to provide research support and scientific counseling to the various research groups forming part of the Institute. The Unit boasts state-of-the-art technology for the development and commissioning of new methodologies of interest for the research staff. The Unit offers its services to both i+12 researchers and those working for other public or private organizations.


Sanger Sequencing

  • De novo sequencing and resequencing.
  • Analysis of fluorescent-labeled DNA fragments.
  • Analysis of microsatellites (STRs, VNTRs).
  • Analysis of point mutations (SNPs).

Massive Sequencing

  • Sequencing of small genomes.
  • Sequencing of regions of interest and gene panels.
  • Exome and transcriptome sequencing.
  • Pathogen detection.
  • ChIP-Seq. Analysis of unidentified protein binding regions.
  • miRNA sequencing.

Real-Time PCR

  • Development and analysis of real-time quantitative PCR data.
  • Absolute or relative quantification analysis of transcriptional profiles.
  • Allelic discrimination assays (SNPs) (detection of nucleotide polymorphisms).
  • Plus/minus (detection) assays using positive internal control and generation of dissociation curves.
  • Counseling on the experimental design, and on the optimal primers and probes to use for the quantitative PCR with the “Primer Express” and “LightCycler Probe Design” software.


  • Quality control (integrity) of DNA, RNA and protein samples.
  • Quantification of different source materials (nucleic acids, microarrays, proteins, cell cultures, etc.) by high-precision spectrophotometry.
  • Automated extraction of nucleic acids and proteins present in various biological samples.


The Genomics Unit features the following equipment:

  • AB 7500 Fast real-time quantitative PCR from Life Technologies (2).
  • LightCycler 480 real-time PCR from Roche.
  • LightCycler 96 real-time PCR from Roche.
  • ABI 3130XL automatic sequencer from Life Technologies.
  • Chemidoc XRS gel documentation and image analysis system from Bio Rad.
  • NanoDrop ONE spectrophotometer.
  • Plus concentrator from Eppendorf.
  • Bioanalyzer 2100 from Agilent.
  • Maxwell 16 nucleic acid extraction system.
  • Ion PGM sequencer from Life Technologies.
  • Ion S5 XL sequencer from Life Technologies.
  • NextSeq 500 sequencer from Illumina.
  • MiSeq sequencer from Illumina.
  • One Touch 2 ePCR from Life Technologies.
  • Ion Chef robot from Life Technologies.
  • Thermocyclers: GeneAmp PCR System 9800 from Applied Biosystems, PCR system 2400 from Perkin Elmen, and Verity from Life Technologies (3).


  • Coordinator: Francisco Javier Fernández Martínez;
  • Responsible Technician: Juan Carlos Rubio Muñoz (Senior Support Technician);
  • Technician: Sandra Juárez Rufián

Tel. No.: 91 390 84 11, Ext. 1465/4608.