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Services Offered

The services offered from the Innovation Support Unit of the i+12 Institute are the following:

  • Design and realisation of prototypes in the speciality of mechanical engineering.
  • Advice strategies legal protection of innovation (IPR).
  • Trademarks Request before the OEPM, answer suspensions, oppositions.
  • Marketing of research results after identification and contact with the industry for technology transfer agreements.
  • Conduct of ad hoc transfer sessions to hospital professionals and presentation of strategic partners at a commercial level.
  • Actions of national / international technological surveillance on emerging technologies.
  • Organisation and teaching of development and training actions in the field of Industrial Property and Innovation.
  • Advice on the presentation of R+D+I proposals. Impact section.
  • Identification and presentation to Hospital professionals of potential partners for collaborative projects of interest in the H2020 programme.
  • Information and communication point about funding calls for R+D+I.
How th Innovation Unit Works