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Information and Selection Process Schedule  FIBHU12O-i + 12

FIBH12O-i+12 selects personnel according to principles of publicity and merit, ensures equal opportunities in access to employment for men and women, regardless of their nationality, age, race, religion or belief, disability and sexual orientation.

FIBH12O-i+12 Selection Committee is composed by the Scientific Director, one member of the i+12 Research Commission and the Principal Investigator of the research project linked to the  job offer.

The list of selected candidates is posted on the i+12 notice board, located at the University Hospital 12 de Octubre, 6th floor, block D, Center for Outpatient Activities.

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Framework Agreement (information available only in Spanish)

Acuerdo Marco para la compra de material fungible y pequeño equipamiento. 

Processing of Clinical Trials.

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