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The i+12 Institute has its own management structure, differentiated and common to all its professionals, responsible for carrying out scientific and economic-administrative management, providing:

  • Advice, management and administrative support to scholarship applications, awards, research projects, clinical trials and research agreements.
  • Dissemination of calls for aid to research, both from external agencies and those of the i+12 Institute.
  • Comprehensive management of research grants and clinical trials developed in the i+12 Institute, in its economic aspects, approval, human resources and organisation and logistics.
  • Management of the procedure and negotiation for the collection of resources from private funding sources: agreements, contracts and donations.
  • Facilitation of the incorporation of Human Resources to the i+12 Institute for the development of activities specific to research groups.
  • Dissemination of the research results of the i+12 Institute.
  • Advice on the entire process of innovation and transfer of scientific results obtained by professionals.