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Breast and Gynecologic Cancer


Given the prevalence of breast and gynecological tumors in our setting, as well as the importance of a multidisciplinary approach in the management of patients with these diseases, our Hospital boasts two well-established Multidisciplinary Units (MU) focused on researching breast cancer and gynecological tumors. In this sense, the Hospital 12 de Octubre (H12O) is a benchmark tertiary level hospital (with a maximum complexity level) in both the community of Madrid and other communities.

The mission of this research group is to conduct clinical and translational research on cancer, focusing both on the most prevalent diseases or pathophysiological conditions and on disorders that are most in need of new treatments, and to identify the at-risk population and act on it. Additionally, the research group interacts and cooperates with other research groups in both the Cancer Area and other thematic research areas of the Institute. The research group was created in November 2016 within the Cancer Area of Research Institute 12 de Octubre.

Scientific objectives, lines of work and specific differential techniques/tools

The research group is divided into 2 large groups: the Research Group in Breast Cancer, coordinated by Eva M. Ciruelos, and the Research Group in Gynecological Cancer, coordinated by Luis M. Manso.

The Research Group in Breast Cancer conducts several lines of clinical and investigational research with a global focus on describing the biology of breast cancer, its prognostic and predictive factors following treatment with various therapies, its resistance mechanism, preclinical study models of new treatment approaches, and markers of peripheral blood expression of these molecular alterations.

The Research Group in Gynecological Cancer is subclassified into two subgroups, the first of which is the Cervical Cancer subgroup, coordinated by Dr. Victoria Bravo. This group is focused on two fundamental lines of research: the prevention and detection of premalignant and malignant lesions, and the conservative surgical treatment of malignant lesions.  The second subgroup within the Research Group in Gynecological Cancer is coordinated by Dr. Alvaro Tejerizo. Its first line of research is focused on the prevention of ovarian cancer, and the second line on molecular alterations in specific cases of this pathology.