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Digestive Cancer


The main lines of work of this research group are focused on:

1) The molecular characterization of digestive neoplasms, with particular interest in colorectal cancer and neuroendocrine gastroenteropancreatic neoplasms.

2) The development of new drugs or therapeutic strategies to treat these tumors.

The specific goals of the research lines of this group are the following:

  • To identify prognostic and/or predictive response markers to specific antineoplastic therapies.
  • To study drug resistance mechanisms.
  • To identify new targets of potential diagnostic and/or therapeutic interest.
  • To carry out phase I-III clinical trials concerning the use of new drugs or therapeutic strategies in digestive tumors.

In the field of hereditary cancer, this research group focuses primarily on the following aspects:

  • Researching hereditary cancer to identify new genes, mutational signatures and biomarkers of risk prediction.
  • Implementing novel massive sequencing techniques and other advanced genomic techniques in the screening and diagnosis of hereditary cancer.
  • Providing technical support to oncological projects involving the use of massive sequencing techniques.