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The Research Group in Neuro-oncology of the Hospital 12 de Octubre is mostly comprised by doctors of the Multidisciplinary Neuro-oncology Unit who are involved in the diagnosis and treatment of brain tumors. In recent years, the Research Group in Neuro-oncology has gathered extensive experience in various matters relating to basic and translational research on gliomas, including the preparation of cultures of tumor cells from gliomas and xenografts derived from these cultures. The group has also conducted analyses on the molecular characteristics of the glioma cells, as well as assays to test several therapeutic approaches in preclinical and clinical models.

The general objective of the projects of this research group is to develop new diagnostic and therapeutic strategies for glioma.

Specific objectives

  1. To characterize and classify the gliomas treated at the Hospital 12 de Octubre from a molecular viewpoint.
  2. To develop cellular and animal models of the high-grade gliomas treated by surgery in the Hospital 12 de Octubre.
  3. To identify molecular markers that may be used as new therapeutic targets or targets of resistance to antineoplastic therapies.
  4. To analyze results in terms of evidence of biological activity or the existence of resistance factors obtained in the clinical trials that are currently underway in our Institute (“Docomitinib in patients with amplification of the EGFR receptor” and “Crizotinib in combination with temozolomide and first-line radiotherapy”).
  5. To identify animal models of glioma that may allow for analyzing the role of various proteins studied by our group in relation to gliomagenesis.
  6. To develop clinical trials based on the translational findings made by the research group.