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Translational Biophysics


The Research Group in Translational Biophysics, led by Prof. Monroy, carries out an articulated scientific activity by developing various lines of research in molecular and cellular biophysics that mainly focus on aspects concerning the membrane.

This research group serves as a transversal biophysics platform accessible to all scientific areas of the i+12 Institute. Its generic lines of work are translational research in quantitative biophysics, interdisciplinary training, and the development of concepts, products and services that may be of interest to the biomedical community. On the grounds of these goals, and powered by a cooperative philosophy, our objectives are the following:

General objectives

  1. To discover new pathophysiological biomarkers based on cellular mechanics.
  2. To develop new microfluidic platforms with diagnostic value based on cellular mechanics.

Specific objectives

  1. To carry out fundamental research in the mechanobiology of infiltration by leukemia and other malignancies.
  2. To develop selective and specific phenotyping methods based on cellular mechanics for diagnosing lymphoma and minimal residual disease.
  3. To develop microfluidic technologies for the standardized manufacturing of artificial cells with genetic material and reconstituted minimal metabolisms.
  4. To develop a postgraduate training program in Translational Biophysics.