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Cardiovascular Risk


The Research Group in Cardiovascular Risk is comprised by attending family doctors. Most professionals offer consultations in Family Medicine at their health centers, most of which belong to the area of influence of the Hospital 12 de Octubre. The group arose from the interest of a group of doctors in cardiovascular prevention and, henceforth, in the treatment of tobacco consumption as a relevant and less visible risk factor.

The strategic goal of this research group is to generate knowledge about the quality and the control of cardiovascular risk factors, and, particularly, to prevent and control tobacco consumption starting at the Primary Healthcare Level, applicable to the planning and improvement of the healthcare services provided.

The Research Group in Cardiovascular Risk is currently conducting research in the following lines:

  • The treatment of tobacco consumption at the Primary Healthcare level.
  • The use of novel technologies in the treatment of tobacco consumption.
  • The specific treatment of groups of patients at a particularly high risk and with great accessibility through the Primary Healthcare Services (pregnant women).
  • The study and monitoring of resistant hypertension.
  • The prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

The objectives of our group are the following:

  1. To evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of various scientifically proven methods to increase long-term abstinence in smokers at the Primary Healthcare level.
  2. To evaluate the risk of disease in patients with resistant hypertension.