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Heart Failure – Pulmonary Hypertension


Our group is mainly clinical but with a multidisciplinary focus, integrating and collaborating with healthcare researchers from different disciplines (cardiology, nephrology, CV image, genetics, rehabilitation, etc.). This allows us to develop interdisciplinary research in several areas of cardiology: heart failure (HF), Pulmonary Hypertension (PH), Cardiac Transplant (CTX), rhythm disorders, functional assessment and cardiovascular imaging.

We also conduct our research within the CIBERCV, focused on: Myocardial damage of genetic cause; Anticipation and treatment in established heart failure and; Disease of the aorta.
Also aware of the importance of databases as an inexhaustible source of information, we actively participate in a total of 9 patient registries (both National and European) of cardiac transplantation, pulmonary hypertension, heart failure, pregnancy and heart disease.

Our financing comes from private funds, mainly through the development of observational studies and clinical trials (currently we participate in more than 20), as well as from public funds obtained after participating in competitive calls for funding such as CIBER, RIC, Health research projects (FIS), CAM, etc.

We also bet on technological transfer activities being co-inventors of a patent on the prognosis and identification of risk of albuminuria development, renal damage and CV risk in hypertensive subjects.

Finally, from the training point of view, we currently carry out 7 accredited courses a year and we are directing three doctoral dissertations.