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Tissue Engineering


This research group is focused on the physiological and pathological study of the vascular trees of transplanted organs from a double perspective: temporarily modifying the structure of the vessels to enable the implantation of transplanted cells, and studying the pathological processes that take place during the pre- and post-transplantation period and that lead to a poor evolution or a short duration of the transplanted organ.

Thus, the lines of work of this research group are the following:

  1. Modulation of the vascular structure to improve the implantation process in cell transplantations.
    1. In vivo liver cell transplantation model
    2. In vitro cell transplantation simulation model
  2. Antiphospholipid syndrome.
  3. Non-inflammatory autoimmune vascular pathology associated with innate and acquired immunity factors independent from the main histocompatibility complex.
    1. Factors related to early graft loss
    2. Vascular pathology in patients awaiting a transplantation
    3. Fragmentation of the vascular tissue structure and chronic vascular rejection