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Health Services and Results


Our research group focuses its research priorities in the health services and healthcare results.

Our group is currently researching professional burnout among Madrid’s primary care physicians. Our research identifies strategies able to improve patients’ lifestyles, in parallel with the study of resistant arterial hypertension that we implement together with the other two groups of Primary care of the IMAS12 and also with quality of nursing care group.

The activities of the group are coordinated with the Foundation for the Biomedical Research and Innovation of Primary Care of the Community of Madrid (FIIBAP).

In recent years the group has developed research in three sub-lines:

  1. Quality of professional life
  2. Use of health services
  3. Intermediate health results

The group’s general objectives are:

  1. To contribute to improving the knowledge of the health services and healthcare results.
  2. To promote health primary care research located in the Health Care Centres of the Central Care District (DAC).
  3. To serve as a motivating factor for healthcare centres’ professionals through research.
  4. To implement a Practice-Based Research Network (PBRN) at the level of the Primary Care Management services of Madrid.

The group’s specific objectives are:

  1. To continue studying professional burnout and the methods to prevent it.
  2. To study resistant arterial hypertension and to improve its monitoring and prognosis.
  3. To understand the chronic patients’ lifestyles and the improvement actions to be taken by health professionals.
  4. To collaborate in multi-centre research projects of the Community of Madrid.
  5. To study nursing care services.