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Virology and HIV/AIDS


The research group in Virology and HIV/AIDS maintains an activity in clinical and experimental research in diagnosis, pathogenesis and treatment in human virology, including HIV infection, through a platform for conducting clinical trials and a laboratory infrastructure that allows the study of complex aspects to be addressed with advanced techniques of molecular, cellular and genomic virology.

The objectives of the research group are the following:

  1. Study of new antiviral strategies for the treatment of patients infected with HIV, with and without HCV co-infection, and Herpes Virus associated with immunosuppression.
  2. Study of the development and detection of antiviral resistance in the immunosuppressed patient.
  3. Characterization of the latent viral reservoir in HIV-infected patients under viral suppresive treatment.
  4. Immunological and kinetic response of neutralizing antibody production in convalescent patients of Ebola virus infection.
  5. Characterization of the pathogenic potential of variants of Cytomegalovirus (CMV) in congenital infection.