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A study protocol of a comparative mixed study of the T-Control catheter.

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Impact of virtual reality-based therapy on post-stroke depression: A systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials

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XIII International Conference on Kangaroo Mother Care - Different opinions, experiences and related KMC issues: Good practices, stabilisation concept, nutrition and basic respiratory support

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The "UNAV-experience of living with chronic heart failure scale": a psychometric validation study

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Physiotherapy applied to palliative care patients: a descriptive practice-based study

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'Learning by doing', a model for improving the promotion of healthy lifestyles by student nurses

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Influence of Care on the Prevention of Bacteremia in Hemodialysis: Systematic Review

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TeamSTEPPS-based clinical simulation training program for critical care professionals: A mixed-methodology study

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Enteral nutrition management in critically ill adult patients and its relationship with intensive care unit-acquired muscle weakness: A national cohort study

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Spanish Version of the RECAP Questionnaire to Assess Control of Atopic Eczema: Translation, Cultural Adaptation, Validation, and Correlations With Other Patient-Reported Outcome Measures

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Validation of the Barthel Index as a Predictor of In-Hospital Mortality among COVID-19 Patients.

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Pain Behaviors Analyzed by Videorecording in Brain-Injured Patients Admitted to the Intensive Care Unit.

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Bibliometric analysis of original articles of journal ENFERMERiA INTENSIVA in the period 2001-2020

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Morton's Extension on Hallux Rigidus Pathology

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Assessment, diagnosis and treatment of peristomal skin lesions by remote imaging: An expert validation study

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Implementation of Evidence-Based Practice in Peripheral Intravenous Catheter Care.

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Macular thickness variation and interocular symmetry by gestational age in preterm school-age children.

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The impact of ABCDE bundle implementation on patient outcomes: A nationwide cohort study.

NURSING IN CRITICAL CARE. Article. 27(6):772-783.
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Cultural Adaptation and Validation of the Premature Infant Pain Profile-Revised (PIPP-R) Pain Measurement Scale: Research Protocol

Ortueta-Olartecoechea A, Torres-Peña JL, Muñoz-Gallego A, López-López C, Vázquez Román S, Tejada-Palacios P (2022).

Prematurity: A medical history of obligatory consideration when assessing the retinal ganglion cell complex.

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Management of post-surgical infection of onychocryptosis with topical application of hyaluronic acid versus antibacterial ointments.

Heliyon. Article. 8(8).
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Abdominal Adiposity Increases Lordosis and Doubles the Risk of Low Back Pain

Applied Sciences-Basel. Article. 12(15).
Raurell-Torredà M, Arias-Rivera S, Martí JD, Frade-Mera MJ, Zaragoza-García I, Gallart E, Velasco-Sanz TR, San José-Arribas A, Blazquez-Martínez E (2022).

Variables associated with mobility levels in critically ill patients: A cohort study.

NURSING IN CRITICAL CARE. Article. 27(4):546-557.
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Lean Sir Sigma in the implementation of automated dispensing systems: improving the safe use of medications in thoracic surgery

Pablos Bravo S, Caro Teller JM, López-López C, Carro Ruiz AM, Guede González AM, Ferrari Piquero JM (2022).

Lean Seis Sigma en la implantación de sistemas automatizados de dispensación: mejora del uso seguro del medicamento en cirugía torácica.

Otero, VP, Delgado, EG, Cortijo, CM, Rubio, VT, Cano, MJG, Arroba, CMA, Coy, JA, Boveda, CC (2022).

Development and Evaluation of a Satisfaction Questionnaire About Therapeutic Textile Devices Used for Breast Cancer-Related Lymphedema

Bazan, MJA, Perez-Rivas, FJ, Warnberg, J, Mora, CF, Orcal, LEB, Crespo, JMG, Lopez-Lopez, C, Dominguez-Fernandez, S, Rico-Blazquez, M, Perez-Farinos, N (2022).

Flu Vaccination Coverage and Predictors of Non-Vaccination in Military Health Corps Personnel 2016-2017 and 2019-2021

Vaccines. Article. 10(3).
Ortuno-Soriano, I, Zaragoza-Garcia, I, Becerro-de-Bengoa-Vallejo, R, Losa-Iglesias, ME, Lopez-Herranz, M, Posada-Moreno, P (2022).

Non-alcoholic beverage and fast-food consumption, among first- and fourth-year nursing students in Madrid

Bazan, MJA, Del Gallego-Lastra, R, Marques-Vieira, CMA, Lopez-Lopez, C, Dominguez-Fernandez, S, Rico-Blazquez, M, Perez-Rivas, FJ (2022).

Vaccine Coverage against Influenza and SARS-CoV-2 in Health Sciences Students during COVID-19 Pandemic in Spain

Vaccines. Article. 10(2).
Perez-Rivas, FJ, Del Gallego-Lastra, R, Marques-Vieira, CMA, Lopez-Lopez, C, Dominguez-Fernandez, S, Rico-Blazquez, M, Bazan, MJA (2022).

The Attitude towards Vaccination of Health Sciences Students at a Spanish University Improved over the First 18 Months of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Vaccines. Article. 10(2).


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Lateral Kangaroo Care in Hemodynamic Stability of Extremely Preterm Infants: Protocol Study for a Non-Inferiority Randomized Controlled Trial CANGULAT.

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Assessment of a New Lateral Cushioned Casting Orthosis: Effects on Peroneus Longus Muscle Electromyographic Activity During Running.

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Virtual Simulation for Last-Year Nursing Graduate Students in Times of Covid-19: A Quasi-Experimental Study.

Clinical Simulation in Nursing. Article. 60:32-41.
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Care and treatments related to intensive care unit-acquired muscle weakness: A cohort study.

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Acute Impacts of Different Types of Exercise on Circulating a-Klotho Protein Levels.

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Children's visits to the paediatric intensive care unit from the nurses' experience.

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Future lines of research on pain care, sedation, restraints and delirium in the critically ill patient

ENFERMERIA INTENSIVA. Editorial Material. 32(2):57-61.
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Benefits of the application of heat and pressure on peripheral venous cannulation in adults: A randomized controlled trial

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Psychometric design and validation of a tool to assess the medication administration process through simulation in undergraduate nursing students.

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Prospective cohort study on the management and complications of peripheral venous catheter in patients hospitalised in internal medicine.

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Use of topical sevoflurane in pressure ulcer treatment in a double-lung transplant patient

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What has happened to care during the COVID-19 pandemic?

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Application of the Behavioural Indicators of Pain Scale in patients with traumatic brain injury.

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Effects of Novel Inverted Rocker Orthoses for First Metatarsophalangeal Joint on Gastrocnemius Muscle Electromyographic Activity during Running: A Cross-Sectional Pilot Study

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Post-pyloric versus gastric tube feeding for preventing pneumonia and improving nutritional outcomes in critically ill adults.

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Kinesio taping versus compression garments for treating breast cancer-related lymphedema: a randomized, cross-over, controlled trial.

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Adherence to initial exclusive breastfeeding among Chinese born and native Spanish mothers

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Clinical Practice Guidelines of the American College of Critical Care Medicine for the Prevention and Management of Pain, Agitation/Sedation, Delirium, Immobility, and Sleep Disruption in Adult Patients

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Children's visits to the paediatric intensive care unit from the nurses' experience.

Enfermeria Intensiva. Article.
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Interventions for preventing upper gastrointestinal bleeding in people admitted to intensive care units.