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Genetics and Inheritance


Within the framework of the Research Institute Hospital 12 de Octubre, the group called “Genetics and Inheritance” aims to provide the knowledge and methodological methods developed for more than 30 years in the Genetics Service of our Hospital, by performing translational research in different fields.

Genetics and Inheritance research group has a marked transversal character. Our working lines include any approach to the genetic / genomic origin of the pathology, from a prenatal as well as postnatal perspective. In addition, our integral conception of genetically-based pathologies allows us to evaluate the most appropriate approach to each need.

As a general objective of the group, the development and implementation of new genomic methodologies in clinical practice is pursued. For this purpose, the following specific objectives are established:

  1. Development and adaptation of molecular and bioinformatics tools to the study of genetically-based pathology
  2. Promote the creation of knowledge platforms to allow the integration of genomic data
  3. Development of standardized protocols and guidelines