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Lymphoid Differentiation


Research interests

  1. Thymus
    1. Role of FoxN1 in the early thymic morphogenesis and the differentiation of medullary epithelium involved in central tolerance
    2. Role of Thymocytes-Thymic epithelial cells (TECs) in the generation of T-cell repertoire
      1. The immune condition in mouse mutants suffering deficiences in the thymic epitelial component
      2. Determination of the minimal requests needed by thymocytes and TECs for the generation of an immunocompetent T-cell repertoire
  2. Role of Eph and ephrins in the biology of normal and pathological MSCs
    1. Relevance of EphB2 vs EphB3 signalling for osteogenic differentiation of MSC
    2. Role of Eph and ephrins in the cell interactions between bone marrow-derived MSC and normal and neoplasia hematopoietic stem cells: The condition in the tumoral niches of patients suffering Jak2- myeloproliferative syndromes