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The Digital Health group is part of the structure of the Hospital 12 de Octubre Research Institute (imas12). It is the core of innovation in the digitisation of healthcare and healthcare research. It is a pioneering group, at international level, in the field of data science and the implementation of healthcare technology, demonstrated through multiple actions of progress in R&D&I. It is also a multidisciplinary group made up of engineers, healthcare professionals, biostatisticians, bioinformaticians, epidemiologists, economists and project managers working together in a single structure with team objectives, management and activities.

Our goal is to produce and transfer the innovations in Digital Health that the National Health System needs for the quality of health and population care, as well as research and other additional purposes.

The group is coordinated by Dr. Pablo Serrano Balazote, and the research activity is developed in different lines and procedures to deepen innovation in Digital Health:

  1. Health Information Modelling and Standards. Heads: Pablo Serrano and Jaime Cruz.
  2. Data Science. Leaders: Miguel Pedrera and Noelia García.
  3. Application of ICT to the health field (Health IT). Coordinators: Juan Luis Cruz and Gustavo Roig.
  4. Telemedicine and Personal Health Systems. Coordinators: Antonio García and Ana Isabel Terriza.
  5. Epidemiology and generation of evidence based on real-world data. Coordinators: Víctor Quirós González and José Luis Bernal.
  6. Scientific Methodology and Biostatistics. Principal Investigator: Dr. David Lora Pablos.